Yet another whisper lost.

Brilliance in Fundraising

I was pleasantly confused today when I was checking my facebook invites.  I was invited to an event called “The Black Plague”.  I decided to look at it since it was about a raffle to win some money (which I lack).

When I read the description, I thought the idea was brilliant.  It played on current events, targeted the proper audience, and had already raised some money.  Sadly, I didn’t come up with the idea.

Here’s what “The Black Plague” is (not the disease, but the fundraiser). One of the groups at our school is doing fundraising for Relay For Life.  Many organizations have tried raffles before, but most of them were unsuccessful. Even though this one hasn’t officially started yet, it’s already half-way towards the goal.

The key to a good fundraiser is know your audience.  The first item up for grab is a $50 BestBuy gift card.  We go to a tech school, that’s a plus.  The second way it targets the audience properly is what the fundraiser actually is: “Give us money, or listen to Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ all of this Friday.” It’s a catchy title because the singer’s last name is Black, and the Black Plague is a widely known historical event (yes, I have to point out the obvious).  There’s a lot of people who hate the song, and this is a tech school, so a large majority of the students hate the song, and those that don’t are pressured into pretending they hate it.

The second good point about this fundraiser is a call to action, which there are two.  The first is donating to Relay for Life.  The second is Buy a Raffle Ticket or listen to “Friday” all day long (which is part of the first, but is the killer part in this).

The fundraising goal was to make $300 in a day for Relay for Life.  From what I’ve heard, the fundraiser has already made $100, and it’s not even close to Friday yet.  So I think it’s doing pretty well.

So how’s life on your guys’ end?