Yet another whisper lost.

Playing With a VPS

I’ve been trying out VPS hosting recently, and I must say it’s pretty awesome. I’ve tried a few providers like WebbyNode, ChunkHost, and 6sync.

I think 6sync is the best at the moment.  WebbyNode felt sluggish in comparison, but some of there development tools are awesome.  ChunkHost went down several times while I was testing them out.

If you need a VPS with an API, Development tools, and what not, go with WebbyNode.  ChunkHost, not so much…  just avoid them for now.  WebbyNode is good if you use their services like rapp, or need access to an API.  6sync is currently working on their API, so it should hopefully be available soon.  My only issue with WebbyNode, as stated earlier, was that it was sluggish.  The connection speed wasn’t as fast as 6sync, and the server was slightly slower (I’ll try finding out the hardware information here soon). They are relatively quick at replying to support questions.

ChunkHost… let’s just say my short lived experience with them had a reason. Within the first week, the VPS went down for 6 hours.  Their twitter says ”An inbound DoS attack”, and then they had some ”DNS updating delays”.  It was just a few too many issues in a short period of time to be a warm welcome. They’ve probably fixed most of the issues by now, but I’m content at 6sync. In terms of responsiveness, their machines were more snappy than WebbyNode. The connection speed (from where I was) was slower than 6sync, but faster than WebbyNode.  ChunkHost currently doesn’t have an API or any development tools. It took a while for them to respond to questions I had.

6sync is where I’m at in terms of VPS hosting (shared hosting is still at webFaction).  Their servers are quite snappy, and I’ve had awesome connection speeds with them.  They’re currently working on an API, but don’t have any development tools.  What they win me over with is their support and control panel (Biscuit).  They’re almost always active on twitter or on irc (#6sync on freenode).  Their friendly and responsive, and you can tell that they’re trying to create a good community.  They have most of the same features of Linode or Slicehost, but are slightly more affordable.  They are relatively quick at replying to support questions.  As for what I’ve been hosting there, it’s mostly been some small proof of concepts, and private group chats (something like murderBear, but private and less buggy).

Currently, if you need VPS hosting, 6sync is doing a giving away of a free month of hosting (until supplies run out, which they say is $32,000 worth of servers).  So go ahead and sign- up.

Yeah, the 6sync links are affiliate links, but I do use them for real, and I’ve been with them for 6 months and all’s been well.  If you don’t want to use an affiliate link, just use this one.