Yet another whisper lost.

Nikon FG

So, someone gave me a Nikon FG. It’s a pretty cool camera; I’m liking it a lot so far.

I’m running into a, well not an issue, but a hurtle or something like that.  I really want to learn how to use it and take good photos, but I’m hearing and reading the strangest things.  People compare film brands.  I understand comparing them for which one’s better, but I’ve been told that Kodak is good for pictures of people, while Fujifilm is good for landscapes and other things.  Off brand films might be Fujifilm, or some random brand.

I’ve also looked at filters.  There’s far too many.  I understand the ones for different lighting, and some people say to use them in unintended environments for cool effects.  Somewhat easy for me to understand.

The main thing I have issues grasping is how people know what settings to use on the camera.  I’m guessing it comes with experience.  I love film cameras, but when I don’t have the experience, sometimes I wish I could see the results instantly instead of taking a number of shots and waiting for a surprise from the photo lab.  But it’s all fun none-the-less.  The main confusing part is the f-stop or aperture setting.  I understand it changes how much light the lens lets in, but it still bewilders me.

Anyways, I bought some film to play around with, and hopefully I can get a hang of it and take the camera off of automagic mode.  There’s supposed to be a photo center that offers lessons, but they specialize in digital cameras, and I’ve been told they aren’t cheap…  So I’m hoping to go the experience route ;)

Anyways, I’ve started a new photo blog which will hopefully be kept alive. You can see it at photos.km-w.net