Yet another whisper lost.

VMWare Fusion 3, Less Than 24 Hours.

So I was finally able to buy and install VMWare Fusion 3 today.

My first looks at it aren’t too impressive.  It’s been quite sluggish for me, but that might just be the Windows XP VM I have.  Switching to “Unity” was about the same speed, exiting “Unity” was definitely faster.

The new start menu is cool.  Integration with the Mac OS X Dock is a lot better.  There’s still the redraw issue when using expose and the windows are minimized or overlapping.

Applications don’t seem to be starting up as fast since I switched.  Like I said, it’s probably just me Windows XP VM.  I’ll post updates if Vista has the same issue, or if a clean install fixes it.

I don’t really see the “improved drawing in unity.”  It’s actually worse for me.  When I drag a window, I get even more lag than usual (like the trailing window outline).  The mouse does seem more responsive though.

There’s a whole list of new features here, but I think a clean install will work much better than upgrading.

Vista is definitely running faster.