Yet another whisper lost.

On GitHub... Sortof.

I now have a GitHub Account.  It’s at http://github.com/kmwallio.

I should hopefully be posting some code this weekend.  The only issue is that GitHub switched servers and there’s some creation problems for new repositories.

One of my friends was able to convince me to start using GitHub.  He uses GitHub and loves it.  My current mode of managing code and previous versions is copying all the code onto an external hard drive and labeling it. Hopefully GitHub can help with that.

Yeah…  Hopefully I churn out some cool stuff.

Current projects include:

  • Sebastian - A Butler for remotely accessing my PC.  He has a small brain for holding conversations, but he mostly aids in getting files from your desktop, printing files (so they can be ready when you get back), and some other stuff.  It runs on Mac OS X and Linux.  I use it for college because it frees up some time (like if I need a document for class, it can be sitting in my printer waiting for me).  It just makes it easier for me because I don’t need to type out long commands.
  • KMChat - A P2P Chat system.  My friends and I use a lot of other chat things, but sometimes it’d be fun to play some games or something. That’s what’s on my plate for now.  Sebastian is almost done, just need to do some final touches.