Yet another whisper lost.

Not That Fast...

So I received my Snow Leopard DVD today.

Snow Leopard seems awesome so far (except that not all of the software I use has been updated for it yet).

The issue I faced today was the installation times.  When I installed Tiger, it only took 1 hour.  Leopard installed in 45 minutes.  Snow Leopard took 32 minutes on my iMac (pretty quick I guess).  On my macBook, it took 1 hour and 37 minutes.  The times for Tiger and Leopard are for my macBook.  My iMac is new and Snow Leopard is the first major upgrade on it.  I was really shocked about the whole 1 hour and 37 minute thing.  People were posting that upgrades were as fast as 13 minutes and the longest I heard was about 50 minutes.  So I allocated a good hour to do this on my macBook.  Just shocked.

I’ll admit, the Finder and Preview run a lot faster on my macBook now.  There are some other applications that also run a bit snappier.  The boot time, shut down time, and connecting to a wireless network are also faster.  So it’s definitely worth the upgrade.  Disk eject is now a lot more intuitive.  The preview in Finder is a great improvement (Expecially when uploading videos and stuff).

My only complain is that the installer didn’t run as fast as it claimed it would.  I’ll admit, I’m probably an anomaly because I do have some custom compiled things and modifications…  But that’s on my iMac, not on the macBook.  So yeah…

Love using Snow Leopard, but let’s hope that if I ever need to reinstall, it’s a lot faster.  The installation itself was easy and simple, but the wait was killing me (out of eagerness to test).

Oh, and one quick questions.  Is anyone else (on a 13” macBook) experiencing issues with the Grid view of a Stack going out of screen?