Yet another whisper lost.

2 Weeks In.

School has come yet again.  2 weeks have passed, and this Monday will mark the start of week #3.

This has got to be the most interesting semester of my college career so far, or at least the semester with the strangest professors I’ve had.  I have one teacher who appears to be on a “buzz” while lecturing.  It keeps things interesting, and his lessons become entertaining.  He does get the important things across to the students, so I guess that’s what matters.  It’s kindof funny.  Some of the other students say it’s like he’s on cocaine…  He’ll randomly yell and repeat himself.  He appears to be scattered brain, but he makes it through the lesson.

Another interesting teacher seems really dedicated to the subject.  He gets really into his lessons, acting out what he’s talking about.  He also incorporates jokes and humor into his lessons (but some of the humor isn’t “safe”).  He looks really old, but he acts a lot younger.  I believe he tries his best to keep the students interested in order for them to succeed.

Those are the 2 notable ones.  There are some other ones that are interesting, but they don’t have any shocking traits.

Oh yeah… If you’re wondering what Santa does when it’s not Christmas, he’s teaching classes at my school.