Yet another whisper lost.

Oh for the Love of Junk Food.

I love my parents and all, but there are several things their house lacks.

I know it’s not technically “healthy” for you, but they’re still delicious. There are no healthy alternatives for them.  Sure you can make do with a healthy snack, but peanut better and celery do not have the luscious flavor of a Lay’s Stax chip.

I’m pretty sure Tom Colicchio has a craving for some Pringles every once in a while.

My mom is pretty much anti-deep fried junk food.  The only friend things we’re allowed to eat are fried fish and seafood (it’s not as bad for you as french fries or potato chips).  So, even if you get a large group together and have an expedition to search for junk food in our house, you wouldn’t find that much.  Maybe a few chocolate bars, but that’s about it.  Chocolate is healthy for you by the way.

Anyways, I’m going to go and cook some Spiderman Macaroni and Cheese.  I hope it gives me super powers.

This post is is random…  I forgot what my original intentions were.  “Over and out.