Yet another whisper lost.

Blend a Betta

[The fish] (http://www.flickr.com/photos/lostwhisper/2558944655/)So this is the Betta I bought. It’s a Crowntail Betta which means it costs several dollars more than the other betta I was thinking about getting. His name is Sashimi.  Yes, that is a blender he is residing in.Blender I thought it’s be really cool to have something unique to keep my betta in.  Don’t worry though, there’s a larger tank that he can also reside in in case he gets bored. So far I feed him either Hikari Betta-Gold or TeraMin Betta Food (I think that’s what it’s called).  He seems to like the blender, but I think, like my dog, he as well suffers from an anxiety disorder.  People walk over or whenever I feed him he tries to hide.  He swims to the bottom and goes behind his plant and watches to see what evil the person is doing.  He also watches the food for a few seconds before deciding to eat it.  Maybe he thinks the food will attack and he should be cautious when approaching. “Watch and learn about the enemy before striking”…? But yeah…

In other news!  I’m going to Kings Dominion on Thursday!  I’ll post some photos and other cool updates when that happens.  I’m kindof worried though because I got a fortune the other day that said, “You should hide for a few days.”  I’m not sure what exactly that means, but maybe I should hide for a few days.