Yet another whisper lost.

webFaction an Update

Hmmm… webFaction uses The Planet’s data center services. I think that their main site and panel are hosted at the one that caught fire yesterday. I guess I’m lucky since my site isn’t down, I guess it’s at another one of The Planet’s datacenters. Anyways, I can’t access the Panel or the main web site at the moment. I guess webFaction is experiencing “an act of God.” They don’t have a SLA, which I guess is both good or bad. The good thing is they aren’t responsible for the downtime at the moment, the bad thing is they aren’t responsible for the downtime at the moment. A lot of people look for an SLA offering a 99.8% > uptime guarantee, but most hosts suffer these uncontrollable problems which you can’t really hold the liable, but you want to blame someone. It’s like an artist with a deadline, but all of a sudden the studio catches fire burning the work he was almost finished on. It sucks, but it’s out of people’s control. I have a bad feeling that both The Planet and webFaction may lose some customers for something out of their control. People may ask about inspections of parts or updating technical equipment, but even if you do have checks and updates, not everything can be controlled. A health inspector could pass a restaurant one day, and the next day everyone who ate their could get food poisoning. I’m glad no one was hurt, but I hope people see this as a potential problem (at all datacenters) and do their best to find a way to prevent it from happening. It’s still kind of funny (when I read about it), but seriously, it’s not a laughing manor.