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Apple - Orlando vs Annapolis

I think I blogged about it earlier, our very bad experience we had when we went to the apple store in the Florida State Mall. Well, recently we went to the Annapolis mall and stopped by the apple store there. Let me just say, it was a totally different experience.

People+Service. First off, the people are different. I understand the Orlando apple store gets tons of more people than the Annapolis mall, but that doesn’t give them the right to be egotistical. I understand the people are supposed to be “apple geniuses,” but I’m pretty confident in the knowledge of my Mac OS X skills. The people in Orlando were a bit jerkish acting Godly compared to us. We asked for help in finding a time we could get our laptops fixed, and they told us we’d have to leave our laptops there for a week and that if we couldn’t then we were SOL. Okay, they didn’t say it directly, but their attitude and sarcasm came off with it. We were there a week earlier and were told they would be able to fix it that week. Now then, when we went to the Annapolis mall, it was much different. The people didn’t act like they were elite or gods. We came early and were seen early, unlike Orlando where we came early and had to wait until 30 minutes until after our scheduled time to be told that we were SOL. So in Annapolis, they told us how the problem most likely came about and how we could prevent it from happening again after they repaired it. They could repair it, but they didn’t have the part in stock. So, they ordered it and told us to come back in a week and they’d fix it then. But we didn’t have to leave the laptops, and they’d fix it when we came back while we shopped. So the service and attitude at the Annapolis store was much better.
Selection. One thing that shocked me was the difference in selection. The Orlando store had a much larger selection. The Annapolis store didn’t have as much. The Orlando store was much bigger, so it was understandable, but that doesn’t mean the Annapolis store only has to carry the pricey things. Everything in the Annapolis store was $25.00+. The Orlando store was $13.00+. Sure the cheaper things are the things you don’t really want, but yeah.
The Annapolis store is nice when I need service, but the Orlando one is nice when I’m looking for a specific mac product.