Yet another whisper lost.


So school started this week for us. My schedual is a bit weird. I get long breaks, but my classes run throughout the whole day. I also have a lot of easy classes (so far). I’m a bit upset that I’m in Basic Writing because as the course title says, it’s basic writing. The class covers how to write and identify sentences, how to write a paragraph with clearity, and how to write an essay. I don’t think it goes into the cool creativeness like Figurative Language, Creative Introductions and Conclusions, or the “So What?” factor (a.k.a. The Shabangness of the Essay)… I’m also taking CSE1001 which is the introduction to programming java or something like that. I’m not upset about that because I don’t fully understand or know how to describe code in java. I also don’t know the background information termanology things. I’ll probably be frusterated with how slow the class will go, but I think it would be better for me to actually learn more about what is what then just knowing Java. We took 2 tests to skip the class, and I passed them both, but most of the time it was just luck. Like I’d leave it blank, and then after a bit of thinking, I’d be able to remember a little bit about the question and come up with a somewhat good answer. And I passed the tests with a C, so I’d like to hope that if I stay in the class, I’ll have a better footing for things and get A’s and be fully prepared for the next class. Even if I skip the class, I’ll have to take an elective to make up for it, but I don’t know what electives I want to take yet. So I’ll probably take Calc 2, and some other electives next Semester.

Here’s a poem I wrote, but forgot to post ealier:

If I lied to protect you, If I cheated in order to save our world, If I stole your heart and loved you forever,

Would you forgive me, Or do you only see, In Black and White.