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New Layout, Foofy or Phoophy Pt. 1

Lookie! A new layout! It features L from Death Note. This layout is sort of a mock-up of Death Note…? And in the lower right, there’s L’s laptop, but it says T instead because I’m TwiRp…

Foofy of Phoophy Pt 1. This post kindof ties into the new layout. And it mostly applies to males (don’t worry, it’s safe to read for all ages). Did you notice most anime and manga characters have that wavy messed up but not messed up hair? I call it Phoophy hair, and 23.4% of the male population suffers from it (a statistic that first showed up here). The problem is most males with curly hair shouldn’t grow their hair out. If they do, it becomes messed up, but not messed up and the same time. It starts to look “Phoophy.” Where did this term come from? You know the word parachute? Part of it originates from there because Phoophy hair has a habit of catching a lot of wind (as in the wind that blows through the trees and rustles the leaves, no other connotation is meant). The other part comes from Whipped-Cream. Now how did this come about? Can you describe what whipped-cream looks like? It looks poofy or puffy, whichever term you prefer. But why from that? Those of us that suffer from Phoophy hair know what hectic mornings are like. For those who are active sleepers (as in they toss and turn and don’t get any sleep) and suffer from Phoophy hair, they will probably notice that in the mornings, their hair resembles a dollop of whipped-cream. So puffy plus parachute gives us the word Phoophy. How do you know if you suffer from Phoophy Hair?

Do you wake up and your hair looks like a dollop? When you open the car window, does you hair catch all of the wind coming through it? Does you hair get messed up because of roller-coasters? Does gel not aid in your fight against messy hair?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you probably suffer from Phoophy hair. There is only one known cure at the moment, but scientists are doing even more research to find out ways to fix this problem. The current and only known solution to the problem as of now is to cut your hair shorter. This solution isn’t desired by most suffering from the problem, but it is known to be the most effective way so far. We will try to keep you updated. Remember 23.4% of the population (82.1% if you look at the entire world and not just the U.S.A.) suffers from Phoophy hair. Your children could be next…

End Part 1 - If anyone was offended by this post, please grow up and accept it.

Any who, that’s my randomness of today. I hope to take some photos soon… So yeah… I hope you like the new layout. I’m working on the comments issue (it looks weird still)… 4/7/07 - Made the layout header smaller and more intense?