Yet another whisper lost.

Mucho Tarea...?

I have so much homework to do it’s not funny. Luckily we got an extension for one of the assignments. But other than homework, theres like 4 different tests I have tomorrow, and 3 different projects do. I finished most of the projects and homework, but I still have a lot of studying and remembering to do. So yeah… Wish me luck. Also, starting tomorrow, I have to limit myself to 5 hours of media a week. That’s going to be hard to pull off. With homework and everything, how am I suppose to cope? Anywho, I hope I can make it through till the end of the year (school year). I most likely will, but I’ll be stressing out and ranting until then. Then I’ll have to get ready for next year. So yeah… I can’t believe people pay for school. If no one wanted to go, I bet it would become free. If there’s no demand, then the prices should go down and what not. I need more anime in order to cope. But once the 5 hours a week start, I guess I’ll have to turn to sleeping books or something. I hope photography doesn’t count as media.