Yet another whisper lost.

Meh Puppeh

Today’s Emo Quote: “Stop trying to be different, you’re just like everyone else.”

My dog got hit by a car. Luckily he’s alive and will hopefully do okay. My other dog also got hit by a car, but she’s doing fine. Sebastian (meh puppeh) is bleeding in his lungs so he’s not allowed to move that much.He doesn’t really move that much at all since the accident, but today he was able to walk. He is eating and everything so hopefully he’ll be okay. Little kids are about to come over so hopefully they don’t try to do anything evil to him. They are always picking on him, but today I’m armed with a painball gun (yes, I didn’t put a t since I don’t have any CO2 at the moment, it is hard and heary and will leave a bump if it happens to come in contact with their head.)